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PVC rigid mixed color regrind

Available for purchase. PVC rigid mixed color regrind.  This material is post-industrial scrap sourced from an appliance manufacturer.  Generating an on-goin...



PVC rigid black regrind

Available for purchase. PVC rigid black regrind.  This material is post-industrial scrap sourced from an appliance manufacturer.  Generating an on-going supp...



Densified EPS Blocks

Expandable  Polystyrene Blocks (EPS)  available for purchase. On-going source of densified EPS cold melt blocks from packaging material used for furniture, o...



PP Corrugated Sheets and Trim, Baled

Available, polypropylene, corrugated sheets and trim on-going. Corrugated PP sheets have no backing and no staples. This material is baled and loading an ...



HDPE white regrind

Available, HDPE blow mold/bottle grade white regrind. Post-industrial polyethylene regrind packaged in gaylord boxes. 45,000 lbs. On-going Price:  $0.4...

PE XLINK 04252014


HDPE Regrind from purge

Available, HDPE regrind purge from tube and pipe manufacturing. Post-industrial polyethylene regrind, mixed red, white, blue color with bits of paper contami...



HDPE Regrind from Pallets

Available, blue HDPE regrind. Polyethylene regrind from plastic pallets.  There are bits if rubber in with the regrind PE from the pallets. 43,000 lbs. pe...



LDPE Film Baled

Available for purchase. LDPE black film, baled, from construction sites.  This material has dirt contamination.  Loading 35,000 pounds per load.  On-going, o...



HDPE regrind injection grade

AVAILABLE  TO PURCHASE. HDPE injection grade regrind. Current inventory: 40,000 lbs. Color: Mixed Packaged in gaylord boxes. Price: .43-.45/lbs ...



HDPE Natural Purge Regrind

AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. HDPE regrind from post-industrial purge.  Packaged in gaylord boxes. Location: Columbus, OH Price:  .55-.56/lbs. FOB Samples...

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blue wrap

$Market Price

Sterilization Medical Blue Wrap

Medical blue wrap is completely recyclable and most hospitals and medical facilities dispose of it in landfill. We buy medical blue wrap and process it into a u...


$.41 to .45

Wire rope, galvanized, aircraft cable scrap

Galvanized wire rope available for scrap.  The wire rope is packaged on plywood wooden reels. Galvanized wire rope (also known as aircraft cable) is unused m...

dvd2 cases buckeye


DVD cases, baled

Available for sale. DVD cases, baled. Average weight of bales equals 300 pounds.  Average weight of truck load 10,200 pounds. Security tab and paper la...



PP/CO Blue Repro

This blue  35 melt 1.5 izod PP/CO is ideal for injection molders and makes great recycling containers and totes.  



PS/PE Hanger Regrind No Metal

Available for Sale. PS/PE hanger regrind, NO METAL.  On-going supply of good, clean, mostly black regrind packaged in gaylord boxes from excess and broken de...

photo (97)[1]


LDPE film post industrial baled

Available for sale. LDPE film, baled, direct from bag manufacturer. Generating 3 loads per month of clean, baled, LDPE film. Material located in NJ. ...

BOPP densified1


BOPP densified from post industrial labels

Available for sale. On-going truck loads of BOPP densified from post industrial film/labels. 8-12 Melt Flow Mixed Color No fines, very clean PRIC...


$0.32 per pound

Powder Detergent

Powder detergent available in the bulk packaging for the professional laundry service industry.  Same cleaning quality as national brands and ideal for blending...



LDPE Pre-consumer Bags

Available for sale, mixed colored LDPE baled scrap. Pre-consumer Low Density Polyethylene shopping bags available on-going.  Generating 160,000 lbs. per mont...


$Make Offer


Available for purchase. HDPE/HMW post-industrial scrap from automotive parts transport packaging. This an on-going source of black HMW rigid scrap. The...

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$.26-.28 FOB

PET Nonwoven post industrial rolls

Available now, PET nonwoven, post-industrial rolls mostly white, blue, and lite green. PET nonwoven rolls come approximately 2 to 3 inches in width and varyi...


$Market Price

Post consumer plastics 3 thru 7

Post consumer plastics 3 thru 7 are now available as an on-going stream. Generating approximately 100,000 lbs. per month of baled recyclable plastics. Doe...



Bullet Bunker, Kryptonite

This environmentally friendly and green bullet trap is filled with ballistic rubber chips sourced from an excess manufacturing process that promotes land fill a...

Bales 1[4]


Absorbent Pads baled

Now available in the mid-west.  Absorbant pads are with SAP and with out SAP.  Bales are kept separate. Absorbant pads baled are a combination of bladder pad...



White Pellets

White Pellets Melt - 25.0 Ash - 70% Notes: Very gassy, sticky, heavy



PP/CO Green

This green PP/CO is ideal for injection molders.



Airlaid Glatfelter Paper Rolls

Prime Airlaid Material from Glatfelter Paper, Canada.  This material is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Post-industrial, Rolls, Boston, MA. 4" (inch) w...

hd-ld photo[8]


HDPE/LDPE film blend

HDPE/LDPE blend film is available as an on-going source.  This material is in the form film, purge and resins.  Up to 5 truck loads per month generated.  Each l...


$0.25 per foot

3/8″(9.8mm) galvanized wire cable, 7×19 const.

3/8" galvanized wire cable, 7x19 construction.  A very popular diameter for zip-line courses as well as electric and hydraulic winches.  Also applicable for fen...

boat shrink

$Market Price

Recycle boat shrink wrap

Commodigy recycles boat shrink wrap in the spring from marinas and boat yards through out the Great lakes and Ohio. Many times this shrink wrap is thrown out in...

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