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  • The commodigy way

    Sustainability, ensuring that the environment is taken care of for future generations.

    Accuracy, provide very accurate listings of commodigies and ensure they are exactly as listed.

    Availability, sourcing green feed streams and products for our customers.

    Expertise, providing solutions for our customers to utilize green materials in manufacturing.

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TPO Parts

$.33 - .39

BUY – TPO parts and regrind

We are in need to 8 - 9 million lbs / mos. of TPO Regrind or parts for a project in the mid-west.  This material will be used to create a green product and ...

HDPE Pale Grade

$.36 - .46

BUY HDPE Pale grade

Buying pale grade HDPE parts and regrind for a flooring application. The material needs to be a 6 - 10 melt and can be any color going to a dark grey applicatio...


$Sold Out


We are looking to immediately secure 8 loads of BOPP scrap film per week. This film is often used in packaging and can be printed.  The product will be densifie...




Black 5000,  35 melt,  .9 izod with good stiffness


$.52 - .58

PP/CO Post Consumer – New Stream

This PP/CO is a brand new feed stream and is coming on line immediately.  The volume will begin at one truck per mos. (40,000 lbs.) and grow to 800,000 lbs per ...


$.49 - .54

BUY – PP/CO White Repro 30 – 40 melt

Buying Commodity grade white repro for a global injection molder ongoing.  This material will be used to supplement prime material on a green retail line with a...



BOPP Film in Bales

This BOPP film is in bales and clear.  It is from the packaging industry and is ideal to process and utilize in many applications from roofing to rope or an...