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  • The commodigy way

    Sustainability, ensuring that the environment is taken care of for future generations.

    Accuracy, provide very accurate listings of commodigies and ensure they are exactly as listed.

    Availability, sourcing green feed streams and products for our customers.

    Expertise, providing solutions for our customers to utilize green materials in manufacturing.


$0.09 per foot

5.7 mm(7/32″) galvanized wire cable, 7×19 const.

5.7 mm galvanized wire cable, 7x19 construction  also known as aircraft cable(not for aircraft use). Unused excess wire cable overlaid in 276 foot sections onto...


$0.05 per foot

4.1 mm(5/32″) galvanized wire cable,7×7 const.

4.1mm (5/32") galvanized wire cable,7x7 construction, aircraft cable, ideal for zip line application, as well as manual, electric, and hydraulic winches.  This ...

HDPE Pale Grade

$.36 - .46

BUY HDPE Pale grade

Buying pale grade HDPE parts and regrind for a flooring application. The material needs to be a 6 - 10 melt and can be any color going to a dark grey applicatio...


$0.16 per foot

7.6 mm(19/64″) galvanized wire cable, 7×19 const.

7.6 mm galvanized wire cable, 7x19 construction.  The cable is excess, unused, available in an ongoing supply.  Available in reels of 4,069 feet.  313 foot sect...



Bullet Bunker Clearing System, Scorpion

The Scorpion Using our already patented and tested technology, we have developed a new system for clearing pistols and rifles. 1. Will stop all commercial...


$0.41 per foot

1/2″ (12.9mm) Galvanized wire cable, 7×19 const.

1/2"(12.9mm) galvanized wire cable (aircraft cable), one reel with 320 feet of cable, excess, unused material used for custom conveyer belt manufacturing. The e...


$0.25 per foot

3/8″(9.8mm) galvanized wire cable, 7×19 const.

3/8" galvanized wire cable, 7x19 construction.  A very popular diameter for zip-line courses as well as electric and hydraulic winches.  Also applicable for fen...


$0.16 per foot

5/16″(7.8mm) galvanized wire cable, 7×19 const.

5/16" diameter galvanized wire cable, 7x19 construction.  This size cable is applicable for zip-line courses, electric and hydraulic winches, fencing, and some ...


$.49 - .54

BUY – PP/CO White Repro 30 – 40 melt

Buying Commodity grade white repro for a global injection molder ongoing.  This material will be used to supplement prime material on a green retail line with a...


$0.06 per foot

3.6 mm(9/64″) galvanized wire cable, 7×7 const.

3.6 mm galvanized wire cable, 7x7 construction.  This cable is unused, excess ongoing supply.  Available on wooden reels consisting of 395 foot sections overlai...

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