• The commodigy way

    Sustainability, ensuring that the environment is taken care of for future generations.

    Accuracy, provide very accurate listings of commodigies and ensure they are exactly as listed.

    Availability, sourcing green feed streams and products for our customers.

    Expertise, providing solutions for our customers to utilize green materials in manufacturing.

Commodigy 3.0 is coming, the next chapter

| Uncategorized | June 4, 2012

It is time for the next chapter of commodigy and to continue the vision to the global green trading platform for green commodities and products.  We are in the process of implementing changes over the next six months which will enable us to grow with our customers needs as well as expanding into a new direction for our trading platform.  What you can expect over the next six months:

1. A new look

2. Even Easier

3. A full trading platform

4. Comprehensive reporting

5. Auction capabilities

6. Multiple analyst reviews

We appreciate all of the feedback that we receive and the ideas, keep letting us know your thoughts on the transformation as well as bear with us while we undertake this transformation to the new Commodigy.

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