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A green solution for wild fire prevention

| Uncategorized | July 6, 2012


Across the country this summer states are suffering from abnormal conditions due to lack of snow pack and minimal spring rains. One side-effect of this is fire risk, and it’s never been more visible than the current fires sweeping the west. One cause of fires in dry conditions like this is live ammunition rounds at shooting ranges. In 2012 alone there have been 20 fires in Utah from shooting ranges. All it takes is a single spark to ignite.

The challenge is to develop a solution to help mitigate this risk with recycled materials

The solution: 100% steel free recycled rubber chips that are reinforced with polyester and nylon. We gather excess rubber from manufacturers and chop it into 3” pieces to be used on shooting ranges as bullet stopping material. Utilizing an engineering principle known as in-elastic collision, this rubber not only stops projectiles without sparking it also traps their by-products from entering the air and ground. Also, the rubber itself is fire resistant. We have held a plumbers torch to it for minutes and it does not maintain a flame. Another factor in considering our rubber chip solution is costs. By not entering the dirt, companies can avoid expensive HAZMAT handling fees as well as recovering dollars by recycling the lead itself.

Overall, this is an excellent, “green” and cost-effective solution for shooting ranges to minimize the risk of fire in dry conditions and another great solution by the commodigy team.


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