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    Sustainability, ensuring that the environment is taken care of for future generations.

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It is what it is

| Uncategorized | January 3, 2013

“It is what it is”

We had yet another experience today of the deal too good to be true.  We were offered the same great materials  as by many others called “PET Non Wovens” 250 tons. why would you not not jump on this, even though the buy is amazing?

Because it is not PET Non-woven. It is what it is and not what some people read it is and  thinks it is based on distant info that they did not actually check out. Getting fed up with people mis representing items and making things what they re not to make a quick buck and be gone. This market has been overwhelmed by shady people that screw anyone they can and it is old.  Where are they now?

Ensure you get what you want and consistently; do not accept less.


Confirm everything, which means photos, both up close and volume; details; and samples


Get an MSDS sheet or physically confirm.

good talk.

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