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Cost benefits of measuring your laundry detergent & environmental impact.

| Uncategorized | July 16, 2012

For a long time I never gave thought to the amount of laundry detergent used at home.  That would be the one home chemical which the old philosophy of “more is better” always applied to my laundry habits.  This surprisingly contradicted the managerial habits I developed watching costs as part of a hospitality management team.  Unsupervised, I would discover that a 800 square foot restaurant dinning room being moped with 2 cups of heavy duty 2X concentrate soap mixed with 2 gallons of water.  Along with the overwhelming aroma of lemon dis-infective would be the overwhelming long term costs applied to the dry goods inventory.  The manufacturer’s recommended amounts, if followed, are more than enough.

Now, applying this same observation to my personel habits have opened my awareness of actually how much perfectly good home products I would essentially just pour down the drain and eventually into the water treatment facilities, streams, water table, etc… . Perhaps this simple and quit obvious use of laundry detergent is just catching up to me, but actually using the measuring cap for recommended load size at home has already saved money while providing the same fresh and so clean results.

There is a term I like to use, “land fill avoidance”, in describing aspects of what I do.  Applied towards a broader definition the term has made me aware not just the stuff I put into the trash bin but also how much daily chemicals I use in my life.

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