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The shift to post consumer, manufacturers are getting greener…

| Uncategorized | July 20, 2011

The good news is that there is much less scrap plastic out there, which means several things: First, companies are more environmentally conscience and more efficient with technology as well as recycling programs.  Secondly, it means that there is much less post industrial scrap out there to fight over with the shady scrap dealers.  Finally, what it means is that we need to adapt to meet our customers needs with new feed streams and innovation.

Commodigy looks at this as a great opportunity.  We have a steady flow and supply stream of post industrial materials, but now we find ourselves at the forefront of a huge movement for post consumer materials.  This is due not only to our customers needs and requirements from their customers (Retailers), but also the sheer amount of opportunity with lack of solid players in it with experience.

One major subset of the post consumer vertical is the area of healthcare.  We are now recycling two major feed streams in medical that have for the most part in North America have been going to land fill.  We are now taking material from a prominent healthcare institution here in Cleveland that was going to landfill and we turn it into a pellet where we then mold it into blue recycling containers, which will be used in the health network to collect recyclables.  We have taken a previously land filled item and came full circle to a green product, now that is innovation and the program is growing rapidly. I did not even touch the economics, but lets just say the savings is great and the landfill avoidance is even better.

Commodigy worked not only with the healthcare provider and their environmental team on this program, but get this, The waste hauler / Landfill owner.  Who would of thunk it?